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Hidden Treasure with Alice McDowell

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Hidden Treasure Program at Light on the Hill

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The Hidden Treasure program is a 3-year course in healing and personal growth. Participants meet for five weekends per year at Light on the Hill retreat center. Alice McDowell, founder and head instructor has designed a deeply transformative program with weekend topics include:

  • The Healing Connection
  • Obstacles to Growth
  • Enneagrams Types
  • Inner Critic
  • Inner Child
  • Wilhelm Reich's Five Character Defenses
  • Vision Quest (sunrise to sunset)
  • 3rd year project in alignment with life purpose

I've been an assistant teacher for Hidden Treasure since 2011. In the upcoming year, assisting teacher Jamie Yaman and I will offer one day workshops in the NYC area. Our intention is to offer the full 3-year program as a second branch starting in the Fall of 2015!

Click here for Light on the Hill Retreat Center Website

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