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Building Community

group bond

Movement, Art & Music

movement, art & music

Multicultural Song Leading

drumming and song leading

Freeing Your Voice


Workshop and Class Offerings

Workshop and Classes

Uncover Your Dreams, Discover Your Voice

a weekend retreat, workshop, class series or after school program

This transformational and empowering program inspires connection to life purpose and passion in a supportive environment. In addition to motivational talks, participants engage in discussion, reflective writing, art, movement song, active visualization exercises and a ceremony that celebrates the emerging authentic self.


The Joy of Group Singing

A soulful, uplifting multicultural singing experience!

Topics include:

  • Basics of unison and harmony singing
  • The body as an instrument
  • Movement and freeing the voice
  • Singing as a meditative practice
  • Introduction to improvisation; African to Gospel


Joy of Improvisational Singing

Uplifting songs, exercises and group creations that strengthen, support and free the voice!

  • We learn to find our own harmonies.
  • We create space for solos over the chorus.
  • We create our own simple melodies, harmonies
    and vocal bass lines in a supportive and playful atmosphere!


Freeing Your Voice

a workshop or drop in class for adults

  • Engage in exercises that support health, vibrancy and vocal stamina.
  • Explore toning and movement practices that open us to life force energy
  • Experience the uniting and uplifting nature of simple multicultural songs
  • Embrace the joy of vocal improvisation over live drumming


World Music, Movement and Mindfulness

 a class for children

       Children engage in uplifting songs and movement games from African, Native American, Sufi, Hindu, contemporary American, Folk, and Latin cultures. Steady rhythm is explored on a variety of instruments including rhythm sticks, shakers, frame drums, djembes and tambourines. The Native-American flute teaches about stillness and relaxation while leading students on an imaginative journey. Songs foster a love of diversity and gratitude for the earth.

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