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Elisa Sciscioli M.A. Transpersonal Psychology, Creativity and Innovation specialization.

Elisa is an assistant teacher for the Hidden Treasure program at Light on the Hill retreat center. This three-year course in healing and personal growth facilitates connection to life purpose, passion and the true Self.

Elisa offers workshops entitled "The Joy of Group Singing", "Uncover Your Dreams, Discover Your Voice" and "Freeing Your Voice" for adults and teens. Her workshops, assemblies and class offerings take place in schools, retreat centers, churches, community centers, music festivals and yoga studios.

With degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance, Elisa teaches "World Music, Movement and Mindfulness" classes for children. Elisa created the Joy of Group Singing class series for adults and has been teaching it since 2006. Her celebrated classes and workshops were inspired by her work with Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock, Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon of WeB3.

Elisa offers one-on-one integrated voice sessions, which involve discovering one's true voice and purpose in the world. Elisa has been a voice teacher and performance coach for adults and teenagers since 2003.

Her original conscious soul album Red Sky available on I-tunes or click on the cover!

Elisa Sciscioli's Resume

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My Intentions and Goals

Long term:

  • Teach transformational workshops at large retreat centers, conferences and in a variety of school and university settings.
  •  Joyfully write and publish a book and a Joy of Group Singing Workshop manual.
  • Establish a teacher training program for my workshop offerings.
  • Maintain my position as a teacher for the Hidden Treasure program at Light on the Hill retreat center.
  • Establish a New York City branch of the Hidden Treasure Program.
  • Live in abundance, joy, replenishment and fulfillment.
  • Joyfully embrace family life.

Short Term:

  • Assembly offerings for Ithaca and Syracuse city schools featuring my a cappella soul quintet.
  • Inspirational talks on "Living to the Fullest; the process of discovering life purpose and passion."
  • Open my private practice to include "Integrated Voice Sessions" which involves meditative toning practices, movement, song and integrative processing.
  • Apply for REACE - Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator

Elisa's Album Red Sky

Red Sky
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