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Freeing Your Voice

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"There are people who I think of as sparkling stars that emanate warmth and shed a loving light into the darkness. For me, Elisa is one of these." - client testimonal 2013

Elisa inspires audiences with songs and uplifting messages

Hidden Treasure Circle

hidden treasure cirle

Building Community

group bond

Transformational, Community Building Workshops



The purpose of this showcase portfolio is to highlight my transformational workshop, assembly and class offerings. These have been further inspired by my Sofia University Master's degree studies in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialization in Creativity and Innovation.

Transpersonal Psychology involves the study of what makes people thrive, or reach their highest potential. Transformational workshops offer an opportunity to move beyond limitations, unconscious beliefs and false identities. Instead we begin to tap into our own replenishing essence and authentic voice. This is a pathway to joyful liberation and fulfillment of purpose in the world.

My Mission is to:

authentic voie

Connect, Align, Embody, Transform, Inspire, Support, Empower, Uplift!

I joyfully embrace my path as a workshop facilitator, educator and song leader. My calling is to inspire connection in soul nourishing community circles. I design and facilitate transformational retreats, workshops and classes. Participants engage in exercises, songs and discussions, which help them to connect more deeply with themselves and others in an empowering, uplifting and supportive environment!

Elisa's Philosophy:

Supportive community circles have the capacity to create healing connections by generating a sense of belonging and acceptance. Those who connect to their authentic voice and sense of purpose experience greater mental, physical, and emotional health. Together, we have the power to replace depression, violence, rage and unrest with joy, happiness, fulfillment and harmony.

Video Feature of Elisa's Work

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